Michael Dewey

I work as a freelance consultant in health research. I offer services through the full range of design and analysis of quantitative studies. This page links to pages which give more details about my work, skills, and experience.

Skills summary

Details about the range of areas in which I have worked and a skills summary available here. This also has a link to a list of publications. My ORCID account is here


I am an Emeritus Professor at King's College London associated with the Department of Heath Service and Population Research. My main research area over time has been the epidemiology of mental health in older people and has involved membership of a number of international multi-centre collaborations.

Other research

Some links about meta-analysis available here.

I have research interests in mortality and psychiatric illness. Lists of publications and slides of some talks are available here.

I maintain a set of pages about the Italian mathematician Carlo Emilio Bonferroni and some other useful historical links

I am a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and a statistical advisor to PLoS Medicine.

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Contact details

More details about how to contact me and send me files available here.

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