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I offer consultancy services on a wide range of health topics. I am interested in shorter term projects as well as those where I could become involved over a longer period.

Topic areas

Involved in design, conduct and analysis of

Personal summary

Background in quantitative health related science, chartered statistician (1993), and substantial recent experience in health research, epidemiology and more generally as a medical statistician.

Experince nationally and internationally in a number of funding areas including evaluation of projects and grant reports.

Successful publication record (over 200 articles in refereed journals) and awarded substantial research funds. A full list of publications is available. At October 2014 my h-number was 56: 56 of my publications had been cited 56 times or more. See bibliometrics pages for more details and some comments on citation counts.

History of successful collaboration with colleagues in NHS trusts, academic medical departments, primary care, other departments in the university, and internationally.


Software experience includes

Communication skills:

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